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About This File

I am paying attention to the assembly of the DayZ Standalone server [Pirate]
This assembly is suitable for those who do not have the time or knowledge to assemble it and configure it correctly for one reason or another.
The concept of building a PvP/PVE server, but if you wish, you can add your own chips and innovations to the server. There are no restrictions for this.
This build contains only the best modifications and works correctly.

What exactly does this assembly offer:

Map of Chernorussia

- Configured server configs (with additional necessary functions) for correct operation (important functions are included in the server config itself).
- Configured bat files for starting and stopping the server, both classic ones for starting the licensed server and for starting the pirated version of the server.
- All types are placed in a separate folder without mixing them with the main vanilla database (all items are signed and divided into their categories).
- All items are evenly distributed in spawn across the map (by shooting ranges and their categories).
- Fully configured configs from additional modifications, which in the future will be easy to work with and edit, if necessary, to suit your needs (all additional configs are located in the same profiles folder).
- All custom buildings on the map have been moved to a separate file (.c) and a separate folder, the Locations folder.
- Completely removed any load on the init.c file
- Cargo delivery mission by AirDrop (with notification).
- Mission military convoy MissionConvoy (with notification).
- Zombie horde zombieorder mission (with alert).
- Increased spawn of crashed HeliCrach helicopters on the map.
- The ability to search crashed HeliCrach helicopters.
- Custom character sets during spawn a set for initial survival.
- Increased stamina and weight transfer x2 to an adequate state.
- Entourage custom construction in addition to vanilla construction (two-tier fence and gate armor wall and auto fence made of metal).
- The ability to build entourage underground mini bunkers (underground bases).
- The ability to stack a number of ammunition in one stack in an invetar.
- New types of entourage military tents.
- New types of optical sights.
- Notification of the killing of players (with the conclusion of what the player was killed by, who was killed and the distance).
- Muting of game sounds (both the game itself and when driving in transport).
- A global map with the ability to mark.
- Global chat (for convenient communication with the community).
- Implemented a quest system.
- The opportunity to assemble your own party of players.
- Increased the durability of all silencers from combat weapons.
- The ability to put a combination lock on your bases and locks on accessories for your bases.
- Entourage accessories for your bases (racks, cabinets, drawers and more).
- New entourage sets of military equipment (tactical body armor, helmets, jackets, pants and more).
- Additional varieties of food, water, chips, snakes, etc
- The ability to build your base buildings on any surface of the map.
- Additional mapping and locations on the "Krasnostav - dop. med camp", "Old Cathedral - additional tent military camp", "AIR Marshes - additional military tent camp".
- Additional mapping is a huge underwater underground bunker with a teleport to it.
- Additional mapping - Ground underground bunker (punched card entry).
- Anti-raid on weekdays.
- Automatic Raid time on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00 on the Iss (raid is possible only at the gate).
- Anti-shock system of equipment and damage to the character in it.
- Added military transport helicopters.
- Several varieties of civilian and military mod vehicles.
- All equipment is additionally displayed in the spawn in the admin panel. 
- The ability to block access to the vehicle (combination lock).
- A ban on removing components from an "entire" vehicle.
- Portable radio and music cassettes are available, you can also listen to cassettes in cars.
- Additional types of attachments to weapons - handguards, butts, silencers, "magazines".

If necessary, I will add a trader with all the items that are included with third-party modifications in the assembly (you will only need to change the prices for the items). I did not add a trader because the assembly was on my work project where traders were not required.

- All mods are selected in such a way that they do not get out of the concept of the game, the entourage and the post-apocalypse of the DayZ STANDALONE world!


- For sale is a responsive, animated HTML site for your project with active links and online output of your server or several servers.
- Complete replacement of the template with your background image of the project and your logo (The cost of the site is 5,500 rubles) - installation assistance is free. 


Only the server assembly is for sale. If you need additional help installing the assembly on your hosting and configuring the hosting itself for the correct operation of the server, it will cost 3,000 rubles extra. Additionally, all necessary software will be supplied and software configured to manage the entire server as a whole.
You can download the current game client via Steam or online. I also provide all the other necessary emulator files and bat files to run and connect to the server (or you will have to wait until I fill in the fully up-to-date client and you download it).



Клиент - сервер

Compatible version


Terms of use

Resale or distribution of the assembly to third parties is prohibited.


Actions after purchase

Contact me in discord, which is specified in the file when downloading after purchasing the product.
For other questions, write in private messages on the @Vendetta website.


Co - authors


Communication with the developer


Acceptance of the terms of the trading platform

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