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С4 - Взрывное устройство


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С4 - Взрывное устройство

C4 is an explosive device. Used for raiding gates and fences. Flexible ability to configure the day | week when a raid using C4 will be possible. In the settings, you can add any gates or fences from other mods on which C4 will work. After installing C4 , a timer is triggered ( report before explosion ) After installing C4, a window is displayed on top for all players:

RAID - C4 is set at coordinates XXX.XXX.XXX ( can be disabled )

Crafting is fully configured, there is no order.

  • 1. Plastid x3 Adhesive Tape = Explosives are not ready.
  • 2. Explosives not ready battery 12V = Explosives with a battery.
  • 3. Explosives with battery detonator = Explosives with battery and detonator
  • 4. Explosives with battery and detonator Electrician's kit = Ready C4

Detonator Electrician's Kit = Ready Detonator (Alternative for Step 4)
A follower of c4 crafting is not required, you can collect in any order!
Every explosion, destruction of buildings, installation of C4 will be logged. Along with the mod comes a pack of files already with ready-made settings for you. For trader and trader For vanilla, extended, mod builds. types, classname There is an instruction for each file. It is forbidden to resell / give / give away / give away for your product / pour into the workshop as a separate mod. After the purchase, it is allowed to pack into your mod pack in the steam workshop. The mod needs to be installed in your mod pack and signed with your own key



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