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Good day to all!
We are writing a mod for the clan system, which can replace several mods at once.
And this is a mod for a bank, a party mod and a rank system.

According to fashion:
There will be a bank system, a personal account and a clan account.
A clan account can be created only by the creator of the clan and certain ranks ( ranks )
Ranks - ranks of the armed forces ( from private to colonel ) - without a sergeant and a ml .lieutenant 
The menu will display online players - whether they are in a clan, their rank, their number of kills and deaths.

There is an idea that there would be a common clan cd, and a clan improvement system (need ideas)

Anyone who wants to participate in the development, write to me in discord, I will be glad to hear your suggestions.
When ready, I will publish the mod here.

DISCORD: Krivzer#0001


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