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PIRATE SERVER [Сборка сервера DayZ Standalone] - Пиратка


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PIRATE SERVER [Сборка сервера DayZ Standalone] - Пиратка

I am paying attention to the assembly of the DayZ Standalone server [Pirate]
This assembly is suitable for those who do not have the time or knowledge to assemble it and configure it correctly for one reason or another.
The concept of building a PvP server, but if you wish, you can add your own chips and innovations to the server. There are no restrictions for this.
This build contains only the best modifications and works correctly.

What exactly does this assembly offer:

Map of Chernorussia

1. Configured server configs (with additional necessary functions) for correct operation.
2. Configured bat files to start and stop the server, like the classic ones to start the licensed server there and to launch a pirate.
3. All types are placed in a separate folder without mixing them with the main vanilla database (all items are signed and divided into their categories).
4. All items are evenly distributed in spawn on the map (by shooting galleries and their categories).
5. Fully configured configs from additional modifications that will be easy to work with in the future and edit if necessary (all additional configs are located in the same profiles folder).
6. An "Underground Bunker" has been added from a stalker with a teleport into it (with a fully configured spawn of loot and zombies in it) - the bunker is completely underwater in the sea.
7. The "Military Convoy" mission has been set up (with an audio alert and overlay).
8. Configured mission "Air drop cargo delivery by plane" (with sound notification and overlay).
9. Configured system "Raid time" - on Sundays at 6 o'clock.
10. All buildings have increased their resistance to shots and explosions by x4 times.
11. Searching for objects in "Heli-crash helicopters".
12. High-quality types of weapons and accessories with a wide selection and assortment.
13. High-quality types of new military equipment with a large selection and assortment.
14. Additional varieties of food and water.
15. Additional accessories for bases (racks, cabinets and more).
16. Fully configured "Traders" and safe zones with the addition of all items in the game, including items from modifications (divided into their own groups and categories).
17. New high-quality and fully added to spawn military equipment of several varieties (from passenger cars to trucks).
18. Military transport helicopters have been added, as well as added to spawn on the map.
19. Added radio to cars.
20. Added the ability to close equipment with a code (one owner).
21. Anti-shock system of equipment (can only be destroyed by shots or detonation).
22. Stack of cartridges in one stack.
23. The possibility of building underground bases (mini bunkers).
24. A combination lock for your bases.
25. The possibility of building on any surface.
26. A new map with the ability to mark the map.
27. The possibility of collecting a party from the players.
28. The ability to mute the sound in technology and in the game.
29. Colorful and convenient global chat for players.
30. The ability to turn the equipment over if it was turned on its side or roof.
31. The wear of silencers has been increased by x2 times.
32. Increased weight transfer, stamina and the entire associated metabolism of the character by x2 times.
33. Conclusion of the overlay about the player's murder (with the withdrawal of the weapon from which he was killed).
34. ATMs have been installed to store your gaming money.
35. Duration time of day and night in the game (day 3:30 hours, night 30 minutes) - with a restart interval of 4 hours.
36. New medical items have been added (bandages, medicines, etc.)
37. New types of military encirclement tents have been added.
38. An extension has been added to the vanilla construction of doors, window frames and two-tier fences, towers armored metal walls with automatic opening and closing.
39. Three custom locations "Old Cathedral" have been added - an extension to the existing tent camp. Krasnostav Airport is a full-fledged abandoned medical base. A tent military camp in the vicinity of the airport on the "Marshes".
40. The in-game admin panel is configured.

Only the server assembly is for sale. If you need additional help installing the assembly on your hosting and configuring the hosting itself for the correct operation of the server, it will cost 3,000 rubles extra. Additionally, all necessary software will be supplied and software configured to manage the entire server as a whole.
You can download the current game client via Steam or online. I also provide all the other necessary emulator files and bat files to run and connect to the server (or you will have to wait until I fill in the fully up-to-date client and you download it).



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