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привет как восстановить код ???

или как правильно открыть

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Crash info
Unhandled exception

Program: ...mmon\DayZ Tools\Bin\Workbench\workbenchApp.exe
Reason: Access violation. Illegal write by be8afa4b at 10

[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7be8afa4b
[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7be8af739
[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7be8d929f
[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7bea6af2d
[QMetaObject::activate]: ??? addr:0x5a29c2c8
[QMetaObject::activate]: ??? addr:0x5a29c2c8
[QItemSelectionModel::emitSelectionChanged]: ??? addr:0x5a24b1a2
[QItemSelectionModel::select]: ??? addr:0x5a24ee51
[QTreeViewPrivate::select]: ??? addr:0x59defc83
[QTreeView::setSelection]: ??? addr:0x59df0f0c
[QAbstractItemView::mousePressEvent]: ??? addr:0x59db5dce
[QTreeView::mousePressEvent]: ??? addr:0x59decfa9
[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7bea4db13
[QWidget::event]: ??? addr:0x59bb0ea6
[QFrame::event]: ??? addr:0x59ca4ed7
[QAbstractItemView::viewportEvent]: ??? addr:0x59dbbf87
[QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendThroughObjectEventFilters]: ??? addr:0x5a27f2dd
[QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper]: ??? addr:0x59b878dc
[QApplication::notify]: ??? addr:0x59b85563
[QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2]: ??? addr:0x5a27d309
[QApplicationPrivate::sendMouseEvent]: ??? addr:0x59b88be6
[QSizePolicy::QSizePolicy]: ??? addr:0x59bd8e69
[QSizePolicy::QSizePolicy]: ??? addr:0x59bd6c65
[QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper]: ??? addr:0x59b878f0
[QApplication::notify]: ??? addr:0x59b86822
[QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2]: ??? addr:0x5a27d309
[QGuiApplicationPrivate::processMouseEvent]: ??? addr:0x7ff9e30d1224
[QWindowSystemInterface::sendWindowSystemEvents]: ??? addr:0x7ff9e30b76bb
[QEventDispatcherWin32::processEvents]: ??? addr:0x5a2c3775
[CallWindowProcW]: ??? addr:0x7ffa21c6e858
[DispatchMessageW]: ??? addr:0x7ffa21c6e299
[QEventDispatcherWin32::processEvents]: ??? addr:0x5a2c2ea6
[qt_plugin_query_metadata]: ??? addr:0x7ff9f4d4d639
[QEventLoop::exec]: ??? addr:0x5a279b03
[QCoreApplication::exec]: ??? addr:0x5a27c107
[inflateReset]: ??? addr:0x7ff7bdd14ca6
[inflateReset]: ??? addr:0x7ff7bdd14ce1
[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7bf348634
[CDPCreateServer]: ??? addr:0x7ff7bf2b70be
[BaseThreadInitThunk]: ??? addr:0x7ffa21fd7344
[RtlUserThreadStart]: ??? addr:0x7ffa22d426b1
[RtlUserThreadStart]: ??? addr:0x7ffa22d426b1

(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)
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выдает вот эту херь 


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@Introvik  А ты случаем не imageset dayz inventory пытаешься открыть. Если да, то он раза с 10 только открывается.

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