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Бункер на Скалистом v.1


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Бункер на Скалистом v.1

The mod adds a Bunker on Rocky Island. It consists of 300 objects. Not only vanilla objects are used in the assembly...

The package includes the following files:

  1. installation files are in dze, xml, and json formats.
  2. loot files - mapgrouppos.xml and mapgroupproto.xml .
  3. Vanilla Trigger is fully configured (dark area).
  4. The chemical zone is attached in the archive.
  5. To light the way, use any flashlight. PNV - works only if it's night outside (bug from developers).

additional mods will be required for the bunker to work correctly:

  1. Builder Items
  2. Dabs Framework
  3. DayZ Editor Loader

Installation instructions are included in the archive!!



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