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Автоивент Аирдроп с оповещением.


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Автоивент Аирдроп с оповещением.

How it works:
At the time you specify, you receive a notification that the plane took off at the point specified in the config (Random selection). The plane flies over the map and drops the box. The box lands, and a second notification arrives that the box has landed. If the player finds a box, he needs to open it with the specified tool. After opening, a third notification arrives that the supply box has been opened and will self-destruct after the specified time. There is a logging system.

Available settings:

The loot itself and its quantity

The time of the hack.

The time before the explosion.

Disabling the explosion.

The time of the fall of the box.

The height of the aircraft.

Cargo drop positions.

How many players should be on the server to run this event.

The time after which the first plane should take off.

Spawn zombies and animals when falling \ opening the box.

Spawn a toxic zone in a configurable radius around the box.

Setting the radius and number of zombies.

Setting the lifetime of the mailbox after the reset.

Enabling/disabling a call using a signal gun.

In-game alerts.(turn it on or off completely)

The Mod is Client-Server



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В 27.06.2024 в 03:59, mamatraher. сказал:

Продавать фри мод. Гениально. Бизнесмен.

Привет! Можно ссылку на бесплатную версию?

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В 27.06.2024 в 06:59, mamatraher. сказал:

Продавать фри мод. Гениально. Бизнесмен.

Это мод переделан и добавлена возможность изменения модельки дропа и тд через конфиг. 

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