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Бункер на Тисах


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Бункер на Тисах

The hopper is set up, tested and ready for operation. The object is located on the territory of the Tisza military base, in the area of the shooting range, has a pre-entrance territory. Access to the shelter via a vanilla punch card, one entrance and two exit options. The bunker has two levels, a secret passage to the hidden part and to one of the exits, various rooms with different categories of spawn loot. Also, there is no lighting in the bunker, if desired, you can make it muted or even remove the darkness.
1. Connecting dependencies:
First, you need to install and connect the mod dependencies from steam, in your server startup parameters "-mod=@DayZ Editor Loader; @Dabs Framework;@BuilderItems" (Don't forget to copy the mod keys to your keys server folder)
2. Download and unzip the BUNKERTISYGRAW archive
3. Upload the object to the map:
In the BUNKERTISYGRAW folder, you will find the EditorFiles folder, copy it and place it in the folder C:\DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus
4. We register buildings with loot:
In the BUNKERTISYGRAW folder, open the file bumkertisygrawLut.xml and copy all the contents after to and paste it into your server file C:\DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\mapgrouppos.xml
5. We register loot in buildings:
In the BUNKERTISYGRAW folder, open the file bunkertisygrawZdania.xml and copy all the contents after to and paste it into your server file C:\DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\mapgroupproto.xml
6. We prescribe the category of bunker buildings:
Find the file on your server C:\DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\cfglimitsdefinition.xml open and paste the line below the line before the closing tag
7. Turn off the light in the bunker:
In the BUNKERTisy24 folder, copy the cfgundergroundtriggers file.json and move with replacement instead of yours C:\DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\cfgundergroundtriggers .json (if you edited this file earlier and it contains your records, then combine their contents instead of replacing them).
8. We prescribe a punched card:
Open your file C:\DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\db\Types.xml and write down the punch card

Please Log in or Register to see this: Code

9. We prescribe Himza and zombey according to the request and the subject of your server.
Enjoy the atmosphere and exclusivity of your project!



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