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InfectedOmon Mod


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InfectedOmon Mod

A new zombie with interesting and dangerous abilities is an Infected Stormtrooper. Perfect as a mini-boss.


Zombies have high health and are poorly susceptible to explosion. 
When a zombie cannot reach the player, he starts throwing stun grenades at him, blinding the player, as well as attracting other infected people with noise. 
When shooting at the head, you can smash the visor of the helmet, bringing the zombies into rage mode. 
In rage mode, the stormtrooper will start using fragmentation grenades in addition to stun grenades (the chance is adjustable). 
In rage mode, the stormtrooper will take his baton in his hand and deal higher damage to the player.
In rage mode, shots and punches will no longer repel the infected.
By smashing the helmet's visor, you will deal increased damage to the stormtrooper's head.
After killing a zombie, the loot specified in json will appear next to it. 
Full customization of range, loot, damage and more in the json config.




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