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Random Stash \ Случайные схроны


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Random Stash \ Случайные схроны

The modification makes it possible to customize the appearance on the map of caches with objects that look like an ordinary object from the game, and not a buried pile of earth.



  • Choosing the time after which all the caches that appear will disappear
  • The possibility of cyclic re-creation of caches (at random positions, according to the config)
  • Selection of the number of times that the caches will be recreated (for example, 2 times with a deletion frequency of 1 hour => the caches will be on the map 3 times with a change in location every hour after the server is started)
  • Setting up sets for the appearance of a cache:
    • Absolutely any object from the game can act as a hiding place object, which the player can usually interact with
    • The range of the number of items that will appear in the cache
    • The probability of an object appearing (from 0 to 1)
  • Setting up groups of object locations:
    • the ability to turn on/off the set
    • the ability to specify multiple points of occurrence within a set
    • The range of the number of points used with the location of



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