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Static bases Full pack / Статические базы полная сборка


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Static bases Full pack / Статические базы полная сборка

This mod contains 108 models for static buildings. Buildings are added to the map via init.c, cfggameplay.json, or via the VPPAdminTools admin panel (object builder). I recommend you the last option - it will allow you to build any objects as quickly as possible and place them online on your server.
All models and textures were made by me personally.
The pack includes both walls, slabs, fences, bridges, elevators, platforms, towers, buildings, garages, ramps, grilles, windows, driveways, and fully finished bases with a fence.
It is difficult to write a description for each element, but here you can find - buildings with a sliding roof and a helipad, buildings with a cargo lift.
Windows opening from the inside are for comfortable shooting and camping, comfortable towers for territory protection. High fences and entrances with bars for buffer doors. Here you can find buildings that will suit the base of both huge clans and singles. All doorways are made to fit the size of vanilla gates, but the assembly is also perfect for mods such as BaseBuildingPlus, etc.


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