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A client mod that adds the ability to brew new liquids with their own properties. At the moment, 6 new liquids with their own properties and recipes are available. 
The character's reaction to attempts to hold a hot object in his hands or eat/drink hot food has also been added.

The principle of operation:
1. The player throws a set of ingredients into a pot of water over the fire, waits for them to be ready and the water to boil, and receives a new liquid in the pot instead of water. Liquids have their own caloric content / hydration, as well as some of them have an impact on the player's condition
2. When trying to pick up a hot object, the player will drop it and receive a little damage
3. When trying to eat/drink a hot product, the player will get burned and take damage by stopping eating/drinking.

A more detailed description of the mod is in the file inside the archive, there is also a small instruction for creating your own recipes


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