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Hamster Discord Bot Free


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Hamster Discord Bot Free

I present to your attention my online monitoring bot.


This is a free, with a limited number of features, version of the bot.


Step-by-step setup:
1. Download and unpack the archive to a place convenient for you.

2. Open the file config.json and specify your bot's token and the Discord server ID.

3. Run START EN.bat and wait for the creation of a new "bot-settings" channel on your Discord server.

4. Go to the channel (available only to the administrators of the Discord server), and follow the instructions of the bot :3.


Advantages of this bot:
- Convenient setup via the Discord itself.

- Customization for you (You can enable/disable the display of online/server time).



- Regarding the creation of the discord (bot) application itself, to get its token, please contact any sources other than my bos.

- About the full version of the bot: This is a new version, which is currently in development, and is not for sale. Sales of the old version are also suspended. 

- Forbidden about

- Support and News: https://discord.gg/t223HrMthB



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