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Homemade Weapon Mod | Создание кустарного оружия


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Homemade Weapon Mod | Создание кустарного оружия

A mod that allows you to create artisanal weapons of several modification levels from more than two ingredients in one action using drawings that specify all the necessary items for crafting.



- About 20 new crafting recipes from more than two ingredients.

- Three classes of weapons: assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle (which you won't say when you first collect it from garbage :)).

- The ability to choose the caliber when creating an assault rifle (5.45, 7.62, or 5.56) and a sniper rifle (7.62x54 or .308), later, when improving the weapon, it will not be possible to change the caliber, take this into account when creating the first sample.

- Modification of weapons from 1st to 2nd and then 3rd level, which significantly affects its appearance (see screenshots, each has its own model) and characteristics.

- Weapons (except shotguns) use vanilla magazines, depending on the caliber selected during crafting. The shotgun is single-shot at all levels.

- The creation of weapons is possible only if there is a drawing, which remains with the player after crafting.
- Convenient drawings that differ visually depending on the level of the recipe. In addition to the text in the description, the list of ingredients is also displayed graphically on the drawing itself (click SCM on the drawing in the inventory).

- New ingredients: duct tape, tool kit, spare parts box, springs.

- Homemade axe and knife, assembled without a drawing. (recipes are in a text document in the archive).


The mod is perfect for both survival-oriented servers and PVP servers.



Fashion demonstration on the example of one craft


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