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AimSkill - навык стрельбы


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AimSkill - навык стрельбы

Product Description
Mod Description: The skill has 3 levels. The first level is considered to be the initial one.
Each skill level is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.
To raise one level, it is necessary to raise both the theoretical and practical part together.
Practical skill is enhanced by hitting a person, zombie or animal with a firearm.
There is an antiabuse system that can be configured in the config.

The skill leveling speed depends on the hit zone (head or body), as well as on the "difficulty class" of the weapon.

Theoretical skill is improved by reading the books "Fundamentals of Shooting".

The skill affects the accuracy of shooting (with a low skill, the sight shakes a lot).
There is a config in fashion. To create it, you need to create a Skills folder in the profile folder.

In the config, you can set the "complexity class" of the weapon, the speed and force of shaking the sight. The skill pumping speed is modified in the server part of the mod (everything is signed with comments).

There are 200 units of practical skill. Theoretical skill units 200. (subject to change)

!Important! This mod is compatible with our HuntingSkill and FishingSkill skill
The client part is obfuscated (there is nothing useful there except the "graphical" part and basic functions).


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