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JailMod - Тюрьма


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JailMod - Тюрьма

Description of the mod:
This mod is designed to protect against intentional deaths of players in order to respawn in the right place.
The principle of operation:
After a given number of deaths, a person goes to prison in the clothes of a prisoner (the coordinates of your "prison" are set in the config. It can be just the ocean or a locked "box" on the trade zone). After a given amount of time, a person is released from prison by death.


Explanation of the config:
"JailCoordinates" - coordinates of the prison where the player will be placed after a given number of deaths. You can specify several points, and one of them will be randomly selected. (It is best to choose a place in the water, or to build something from which you will not be able to get out).
"giveGodModeIfInJail" - to give a year of mod to a prisoner so that he could not kill himself ahead of time (if you do not have a save zone).
"MaxDeathTimer" is the maximum amount of time to check the number of deaths, specified in seconds. I.e. if 360 (6 minutes) is set, for example, then the countdown will start at the first death. If a person dies a set number of times within 6 minutes, he will be placed in prison.(it is not recommended to set more than 10 minutes)
"MaxJailTimer" - the time of a person's stay in prison, indicated in seconds.
"JailPeriodTimerNotificationToPlayer" - once in how many seconds a notification about the remaining time in prison will be sent to the player.
"MaxDeaths" - the number of deaths required to get into prison in a given amount of time.
"DeathWarning" - on which death there will be a warning about the prohibition of intentional death (i.e. if "2" is set, then at the second death a warning will be sent to the player in the chat).
"WarningText" - the text of the warning about the prohibition of intentional death.
"JailText" - the text of the notification when the player is in jail.
"JailTimerNotificationText" - notification text for the remaining time of the prison stay (written up to the number of seconds). Example - You have N left to sit
"JailTimerNotificationText2" - notification text for the remaining time of the prison stay (written after the number of seconds). Example - You have N SECONDS left to sit


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