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  1. This mod adds the ability to activate the "bonus code" in the game.
  2. Specify the date on which the Bonus Code starts and the issue ends.
  3. Specify the number of days from the start of the Bonus code, in which this code is active (It does not matter if the code does not have a statute of limitations).
  4. Specify the UIDS of the players for whom this code is valid. 
  5. Specify whether the code is one-time or reusable. - If it is disposable, then after its first use, within the session, it cannot be repeated to any player.
  6. Specify the number of uses once in how many hours.
  7. If the player has used the bonus code, the usage data will be saved to the profile folder database.
  8. You can give out items and equipment.
  9. For any equipment, you can create a configuration of spare parts that will be installed on it when creating.
  10. If there is no configuration for the equipment, then the vanilla equipment will be created assembled, and the mod (often), - only the frame.



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