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Help Server:

PDA system:

  • Sending anonymous and non-anonymous messages via bot.

How it works:

  • The bot sends a message with 2 buttons, "anonymous" and "not anonymous", after which a dialog box pops up where a person needs to enter only the text of the message itself. Next, the bot substitutes his nickname (if not an anonymous message), his grouping (if not an anonymous message), a message.


  • Name of the grouping;
  • ID of the role that is assigned to the grouping;
  • Grouping color (optional/optional);
  • Emoji groupings (optional/optional);
  • Grouping logo (optional/optional).

Additional Functions:

  • All messages are logged in the log channel (set in the config), even if the message was sent anonymously, the bot will still indicate the author of the message, its grouping and a link to the original in the logs. You can also completely customize the message from the bot.


Test Server: https://discord.gg/t9RatpKhKd


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