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Поиск предметов / Search for items


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Поиск предметов / Search for items



Mod type: client-server. Mod Description: The mod allows you to interact with static objects (dog houses, chicken coops, gates, village toilets, refrigerators). There is no need to arrange items, the ones available on the map are used. After the server starts, you can interact with all these items. After the interaction, the next interaction is active after the restart. The mod has a convenient config that allows you to configure: ▸ a list of items that can be found in objects; ▸ a chance to cut yourself if there are no gloves; ▸ a chance to get infected if there is a cut. By default, the objects are configured: Doghouse: ▸ bones. Chicken coop: ▸ eggs; ▸ feathers. The gate: ▸ rusty wire (can be used to make snares, use in construction is disabled). Village Toilet: ▸ Survival items. Broken Cars (HMMWV, BRDM, BMP1, BMP2, Uaz, Ural, V3S, Truck 01): ° Customizable items.


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