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Бот discord - предложения


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Бот discord - предложения

I present to your attention my bot for receiving offers on my DISCORD server

Step-by-step setup:

  • Download and unpack the archive to a convenient location for you.
  • Run the suggest batnik ( you will have a suggestions file )
  • Create a text document, name it "token"
  • You need to insert your bot's token there 

Advantages of this bot:

  • Receiving offers from the participants of your server.
  • The possibility of participants voting for the proposal.
  • Opportunity to discuss the offer.


  • Regarding the creation of the discord (bot) application itself, to obtain its token, please contact any sources.
  • All systems and their functionality, including customization, will be further developed.
  • It is prohibited to sell or receive any other benefit using this bot.
  • My discord: Krivzer#0001


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Сделано красиво. Красавчик. Продолжай в том же духе)). Вот только описание мог бы и сам сделать :3

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