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I present to your attention my ready-made pack of bots in discord.

The ticket system will simplify your work with providing assistance to participants / players.

  • Administrators have a separate channel with an archive of closed tickets.
  • When closing a ticket, a comment/reason for closing the ticket is indicated.
  • The bot automatically writes to the author of the ticket when the administrator closes it.
  • A wide selection of categories for creating a ticket.
  • Server selection when creating a ticket.
  • The ability to specify a Nickname and SteamID when creating a ticket.


  •  When creating a ticket, all administrators see them in a separate category.
  • Automatic configuration of the bot by roles and granting rights.

The clan system.

  • Automatic role issuance.
  • Automatically exposes the members of the clan on the right.
  • Automatically adds square brackets.
  • The head of the clan can

Accept members into the clan.

Accept members into the clan.
The participant to whom the invitation was sent, the bot writes to him in private messages, gives him the opportunity to accept or refuse (as seen in the screenshot)
to issue a deputy.
The Deputy has the same rights as the Head, except for the removal and issuance of the rights of the deputy.
Disband your clan.
Change the name of the clan.
Expel members from the clan.

The administration can approve or reject an application for a clan.
The administration sees who submitted the application, the name of the clan, the color.
When the application is rejected, a window pops up to indicate the reason for the refusal.
The administration can delete someone else's clan.

After the approval / rejection of the application for the clan from the administration, the head of the clan receives a personal message that his clan is approved / rejected.
If refused, the reason is indicated (if indicated by the administrator)


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