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Дискорд бот


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Дискорд бот

Discord is a bot that will already be on the host after purchase. That is, the bot will work 24/7. You won't need to run it on your PC or pay for a separate host. The name of the bot and the avark are replaceable

The bot has such functions as:
1. Convenient rules 

2. Assigning roles via the button 
3. Convenient information about the project
4. Game goods store for virtual currency 
5. Getting a game volute for free or through the issuance of the administration 

6.Tickets with numbering of each ticket and saving the ticket after it is closed 

7. The system of offers from players   

8. Hidden bot function that allows you to see which words the user has edited 

9. Hidden bot function that allows you to see which words the user deleted 
The opportunity to implement your ideas 

There is also a system of "Quests" for detailed information, write to me in the bos 

There is also a separate discord bot for bringing online to the activity status, when buying it, I help to put it on the host (the cost of a verified host is 7 rubles a day, payment for the host from your side separately)

My discord for communication and clarifications Slava#6247


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