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Chernarus is a fictional post-Soviet country in which the main action of DayZ takes place. The game does not represent all of Chernarusia, but its northeastern province of South Zagoria

Official map
Size - 225 км 2


This Eastern European area covers the southern part of the Topolino-Nadborsky region within the large Polish-speaking country of Livonia. Luxurious green meadows, dense forests, overgrown fields await you...

Paid DLC
Size - 163 км 2


Namalsk is an unofficial map/mod for DayZ. It is mostly a barren wasteland with few environmental objects. There is only one large city in the north - Vorkuta.

Community Map
Size - 80 км 2


Esseker is back! New old map straight from ARMA3. The card is much smaller than its A3 counterpart (about 1/4 the size). Most of the map is unfinished and hidden.

Community Map
Size - 169 км 2


Taksitan is a mountainous and relatively undeveloped region. Central Takistan is one of the largest provinces in the country, filled with rocky mountains and vast sandy deserts.

Community Map
Size - 164 км 2


Banov - 1 city, 35 villages, 2 water dams, 1 large airport, 1 small airport and many other interesting places and locations. As a bonus, many hidden locations throughout the map

Community Map
Size - 256 км 2
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