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On this page you can purchase VIP status for your account.

Information before purchase:

VIP status is paid once, no extension is required, issued from the moment of purchase for always!
VIP status privileges are granted on a permanent basis and do not depend on the user's activity on the forum.
The presence of the status does not exempt you from responsibility for violating the rules of our site.

VIP Status Privileges:

1. The ability to insert an advertising banner \ link \ information into your signature on the forum.
3. Extended disk quota - space for your files, messages, etc.
3. Special design of the nickname, the name of the group, as well as a special nickname color.
4. The ability to see who approved the files on the trading platform.
5. The maximum size of images in the caption has been increased.
6. An animated profile photo is allowed.
7. It is allowed to download free files (excluding writing 50 messages and 20 reputations on the site).
8. The ability to add a "profile cover".
9. The ability to pin and unpin your messages in your own topics.

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