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Bunker from Livonia for Cherno


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Bunker from Livonia for Cherno

An exact copy of the bunker from Livonia for Chernarus. A copy is made down to every drawer and every trash heap.

  • The hermetic door works, the switches work, the valves rotate, the water comes and goes.
  • The bunker is pitch dark.
  • The bunker is located in a deep channel between the hills to the left of "Polonina" at the very edge of the map (last screenshot).
  • A dirt road leads to the bunker (as the arrow indicates).
  • All trees and extra objects that are hidden by the bunker and rocks have been removed.
  • Most of the rocks around have been increased in size to use fewer objects
  • The upper exit leads to a mini military base, you can only go down by returning the same way.
  • The switch to open the upper door is located in the building next to it (there is on the screenshots).
  • The loot file is present.
  • File with objects from Livonia is present.
  • The punched card must be added to the loot (named PunchedCard).
  • I recommend setting up zombies and other animals using SpawnerBubaku

There is a "naked version" of the bunker, which I can, by agreement, place at any point on the map and "bury" it beautifully.

Mapping requires the following mods:

DayZ Editor Loader (instructions for use are on the mod page)

Dabs Framework


Any of my time in the form of help, settings, consultations is paid for in liters of beer. I'm not greedy, but appreciate other people's time 🍺


Contact me:

DC : imhowin#0953

DC : Server

VK : vk.com/ihimov

TG : t.me/imhowin

Boosty : boosty.to/imhowin



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