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Мапинг на заказ / Maping to order


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Good day to all. I've been doing custom mapping for a couple of years. Behind hundreds of completed orders and satisfied customers. What I propose and what to build on in discussing the conditions:

  • mapping of any complexity and size (the biggest work that I did was "Radar from a stalker" and "geographically accurate Pripyat" for an AOD map of about 10-12k objects each)
  • I complete tasks for the sake of the customer's imagination on any topic, from simple military units and trade zones to huge flying ziggurats and floating islands
  • Loot file will be included with places of interest
  • if the location is located on the ground, then it will be possible to create spawn points and adjust the number of zombies (by agreement)
  • I adjust dark areas (by agreement)
  • you are required to have an exact TOR with all the wishes and nuances (of course, I will clarify the points that are controversial and incomprehensible to me, but everything that is not described in the task will be done either to my taste, or will not be done at all)
  • I do not take an advance payment. this is a hobby, not the main job, and I only do orders in my free time according to my mood
  • in the process of creating a location and upon readiness, screenshots will be provided and, possibly, reflecting the degree of readiness
  • after the customer has inspected the finished work, I make corrections / adjustments / additions and, after accepting the changes, I take payment
  • Files are uploaded only after receiving full payment for the work done
  • help with installation
  • examples of work can be seen here:  DC Server


  • I carry out interesting orders outside the conditional queue from my order list due to the fact that I am a creative TV and I want to create something unusual, and not just set up barracks)
  • if you are using BuilderItems and/or Dayz Editor Loader, please let me know when ordering because:
  1. BuilderItems gives you the ability to make locations more detailed and less empty
  2. Dayz Editor Loader allows you to remove vanilla objects from the map, and also makes it easier for you to set the map
  • the privacy of the order is also discussed, if you are not against the further distribution of the work, then the order will be much cheaper (does not apply to works priced less than 1 tr)

Contact me:

  • DC : imhowin#0953
  • DC : Server
  • VK vk.com/ihimov
  • TG : t.me/imhowin
  • Boosty : boosty.to/imhowin


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топ дядя, обращайтесь - построит вам новый дом.

бл*ть как разрабы даже дорогу на СЗ не смогли сделать ровной - интертеймент
при участии Imhowin aka маплю не летающие автобусы по всей карте.
а также в главных ролях:
- душнилы, которые хотят перестраивать всё по другому.
- бомжи: а можно вернуть деньги? моей жене не понравилось
и DayZ Editor работающий 24/7.

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