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Adds 5 types of personal cases to your server, each case with its own capacity. After the player's death, the case remains with him, and other players will not be able to see it in the inventory of the corpse.


  • Logging items from players in the case.
  • Cases can be sold on a trader, issued personally, registered in spawn, issued as a reward for quests and sold to players for real money.
  • The player can throw away the case with things, with a new revival, the case with things will return to the player and the old one will become inactive for everyone.
  • Each case has its own amount of health: Alpha - 12 slots, Beta - 24 slots, Epsilon - 36 slots, Gamma - 48 slots and Kappa - 60 slots.
  • In the case, you can store anything except cartridges and magazines for them.
  • Cases can be customized for your project.
  • Each case has its own weight.
  • Cases cannot be stored in accessories and inventory. Only on the ground, in the hands and in a special slot.




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I'd like to ask if the properties of the chest will disappear if it hits an anomaly and dies

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