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The Last of Us Mutants


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The Last of Us Mutants

Greetings to you! Before your eyes, beautifully crafted our mutants for the project ValHell Hard RP - TLoU
At the moment, the following are ready: Clicker, Bloater and Shamblers.
Models and sounds correspond to the mutant.
(In the future, they will receive updates and extensions of mutants from the universe of The Last of Us)
The repack includes the ability to configure mutants.
It is allowed to use it if you like our mod, as well as add it to the collection with a link to the mod.
If you want support me - https://boosty.to/cube_off

Effects for mutants are also in development - https://boosty.to/cube_off/posts/a7547a34-a959-4208-a3bd-3b105fe90ff4?share=post_link

Work in Workshop - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2942882677



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