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After a year of successful sales of more than 200, I decided to make the bot completely free

All bot commands and instructions are in the file HELP.txt

If you have some kind of error or can't run - please contact me!


What can a bot do?

  • 1. Create products in your discord server
  • 2. Give out the purchased goods directly in the game

Where can she work?

  • Can work remotely from your PC where the server is
  • It can work on servers with a panel
  • Can work from a PC where your server is

How does the issue take place?

  • The bot works with promo codes
  • After purchasing the product, the player needs to enter the code in the chat
  • Can spawn:  items, weapons, car
  • The car will spawn 3 meters from the player
  • Server mod (upgraded Promo code Mod)
  • Does not conflict with any mod

What is required to run?

  • Download Java link in the bot

Can we change the bot for my server?

  • Yes, we can customize the bot for you


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