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Wheel of fortune (Fixed)


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Wheel of fortune (Fixed)

The mod adds "Wheel of Fortune".
(Fixed and re-textured.)
Players can win prizes by spending a certain amount of time in the game on the server.
The wheel is reset once a day at a specific hour specified in the config.

Mod features:
- Logs are output to the WheelLog.log file;
- Recording the time spent in the game, receiving a prize and the date of the last wheel reset is carried out in the WheelDatabase.json file, which is created itself in the SSSWheel folder, where the config is located. If necessary, you can reset the receipt of the prize manually, and also give the prize to the player by specifying the prize ID in the "PrizeID" line. Changing the time spent in the game in the file will not change anything. The time spent from the file is loaded only if the player dies.
- In the config you can set the following parameters:
- Enable/disable the mod;
- Required game time in seconds;
- Wheel reset hour;
- Enable/disable display of remaining game time on the main screen;
- Turn on/off the sound of the “Drum” from “Field of Miracles”;
- Prizes:
- Name of the prize (text for the prize panel);
- Item: (You can specify several items in one, in which case, when this prize appears, one random item will be selected from all specified)
- Name of the item;
- Quantity of item;
- Item attachments (Exactly the same class of the item is indicated, i.e. Name, quantity, attachments, inventory items);
- Inventory items of this item (Exactly the same class of the item is indicated, i.e. Name, quantity, attachments, inventory items).
- Chance of item drop (Can be specified from 0.01% to 99%. !!!But the sum of the chances of all rewards must be 100%!!!);
- Display a notification to all players in the chat if someone has won this item;
- Notification text in the chat if the above setting is enabled (For example, if you write: “hit the jackpot!”, then the chat will look like this “[Wheel of Fortune]: [player nickname] hit the jackpot!”).

You can open the wheel window using the Insert button. The button can be configured in the key bindings in the game settings.
Prizes can be customized in any way. The design of the wheel window can be changed if desired in SSSWheelGui.pbo.

There may be minor bugs.
Error displaying text about next scroll information.

ATTENTION!! There can only be 10 prizes! No more and no less, otherwise the mod will not work correctly.



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