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Bunker for Chernarus by LesniK


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Bunker for Chernarus by LesniK

The bunker is made especially for the map of Chernorussia!

Location: North of Novodmitrovskaya (coordinates below in the attached photos!)

- One central entrance to the Bunker by punch card.
- One entrance is hidden by a sewer pipe.
- Two exits from the bunker (the upper one opens only from the inside!) and the lower
one - 3 levels, a water-drain passage, a medical hangar, military hangars with boxes, a sewer pipe, many small rooms with various objects. 
- There are closed passages to the levels (grids), made for the interest to look for real open passages.
- Rusty cars inside, boxes, barbed wire, pens, walls of bags and much more!
- The darkness in the bunker is configured as a separate file (there is a folder in the archive!!!)
The bunker is made in the style of a classic bunker from Livonia! Nothing superfluous, everything fits the vanilla Dayz!

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