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This mini mod adds HP to military zombies. For example: with a Vanilla AK (7.62x39 cartridge), it takes out these zombies with about 4 shots to the head! It includes, cool zombie names:

- ZmbM_usSoldier_Heavy_Woodland
- ZmbM_usSoldier_normal_Woodland
- ZmbM_usSoldier_normal_Desert
- ZmbM_usSoldier_Officer_Desert
- ZmbM_usSoldier_Officer_Convoy
- ZmbM_NBC_Grey
- ZmbM_NBC_Yellow
- ZmbM_PrisonerSkinny

The archive will have a separate ready-made PBO (just sign with a key and pack it into your modpack) and the config itself - if you want to add new or edit existing zombies!



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