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Расширенный спавн и стартовый лут


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Расширенный спавн и стартовый лут

In the latest update, random spawn has become less random and in most cases, players appear in approximately the same place. This mod solves this problem and returns the maximum random for appearing on the map!

A server mod that allows you to create:

  • own spawn points for all players
  • personal spawn points for VIP players
  • starter set of items for all players
  • starter set of items for VIP players
  • modified spawn characteristics (life, blood, thirst, hunger, shock)
  • modified spawn characteristics for VIP players (life, blood, thirst, hunger, shock)

Installing the mod allows you to choose which functions will be used:

  • managing player spawns
  • issuing starting sets
  • to change or not to change the characteristics during spawn (life, blood, thirst, hunger, shock)

The setup involves editing json files, as in all standard modifications. The appendix contains instructions for installing and configuring the mod (configuration files with a description of each line have been created)



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