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A nanosuit with an exoskeleton power frame. In 11 color variations.
The nanosuit has excellent bullet resistance and 100% protection from toxins (but if the character is wearing an open helmet with a respirator mask).


3 respirator masks

TLS_Nano_Mask is a one-time mask (it ends quickly, like a vanilla disposable gas mask).
TLS_Nano_Mask_ful is practically an infinite mask.
TLS_Nano_Mask_filter - mask with embedded filters (they are not visually displayed).

3 types of exoskeletons

TLS_Nano_Skelet is an exoskeleton with a backpack, slots and additional body kits.
TLS_Nano_Skelet_nobag is an exoskeleton without a backpack and without slots.
TLS_Nano_Skelet_nobag_250 - without a backpack, but with slots.

2 types of helmets

Closed with good bullet resistance and built-in PNV (not intended for chemical zones.
Open, without built-in PNV, designed to be worn with a mask-respirator. designed for chemical zones.

And two types of armor itself. The standard with overdrive units of strength and bullet resistance and marked PVP (there is much less strength) is designed for fighting in conditions close to vanilla.

The top of the nanosuit (49 slots 7x7).
Nanosuit pants (36 words 6x6).
Mask-respirator (put on under the helmet. disposable).
An open helmet for wearing with a respirator mask.
Closed helmet with increased bullet resistance.

All models are taken from the website p3dm.ru .


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