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Azrael Crossbow Mod


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Azrael Crossbow Mod

The modification includes:

  • 3 types of crossbows: homemade, factory (4 colors), combat.
  • 4 types of bolts: homemade, homemade with a tip, factory, reinforced.
  • Each crossbow and bolt differs in characteristics.
  • The ability to fasten bolts in two special quivers (shakos), which can then be attached to a crossbow (see screenshots).
  • The ability to attach quivers (shakos) not only to the crossbow, but also to the belt (in any slot where you can attach a flask).
  • Homemade and factory crossbows can use any bolts, combat - only factory and reinforced.

Fashion Features:

  • The bolt is displayed in the hand when charging, displayed in the tray, flies away when fired.
  • The bolt remains in the place of impact.
  • Each bolt, depending on the type, has a chance to break or a small chance to get lost (there is a broken model for each bolt).


Default Recipes:

  • 1/2 wooden billet: firewood knife/axe, etc.
  • Wooden billet 2/2: wooden billet 1/2 10 nails
  • Crossbow: 2/2 wooden billet rope
  • Homemade simple bolt: short stick knife
  • Bolt with tip: homemade bolt bone

Recipes and config are placed in a separate pbo, so that you can easily change some characteristics for yourself.

Also included is a piece of types with ready-made settings and a text document with a list of cool names and default recipes.

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