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[How to] Split types.xml to each mod without breaking it


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Hi all, I'm fairly new to this and learning new things daily as I build my own small servers.

After all the tutorials studied, I also wanted to contribute something here.
If more experienced modders / server owners find a mistake, please let me know so I can update the tutorial and still learn myself!


I have learned a new way to edit the types.xml without damaging it or having it overwritten by an update.

The whole thing works like this.


1. Step

At the beginning we leave the types.xml from the folder below remains as is.

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2. Step
now we create a folder for example "CustomTypes" where our types.xml will be placed

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3. Step
In our example, I'll take two mods (CodeLock and BaseBuildingPlus), so we go on and create a folder for each of the Mods where we put later the types.xml and the cfgspawnabletypes if the mod has one.

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4. Step

Now we go to the folder "mpmissions/dayzOffline.xxxxx/" and make a backup of the file cfgeconomycore.xml !!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!
Then we open this file to edit it. Here we will enter the single paths of our splitted types.xml.

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As you can see above, this is a part of cfgeconomycore.xml. Important for us now is the line after </defaults>
here we will insert the paths of the individual types.xml of our installed mods. In our example, I'll take two mods to list this below. (CodeLock & BaseBuildingPlus in this case)

So we gonna add these lines to the above xml

5. Step

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So you put the path where your types and your spawnabletypes is locked, and on the next line you put the name of your types.xml and at least what type this file is (types or spawnabletypes)

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6. Step

Test if your changes work correctly with an Admin Tool Ingame, if specific Items of an xml is spawning correctly!

Below you will find an example of cfgeconomycore.xml.

I hope this little tutorial will help you, bring some structure and at the same time security for your types.xml.

If you have further questions, let me know. I am looking forward to your feedback


Virus Total - Result

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