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[Server Manager] DayZ Standalone


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[Server Manager] DayZ Standalone

Developer, Publisher: -=scorpions=-
Platform: Windows server 2012 / Windows server 2016 / Windows 7 / Windows server 2008 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Program version: 07.02.2019 [Stable FREE]
Interface language: RU / EN
Availability: Unfortunately, the developer stopped working on the project (there were also paid versions).
Requirement : Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and higher.


The program for server management and control,
versatility, allows you to flexibly configure additional functions to the server.To install this application,
a host with Windows at least Windows server 2008 is required, the server and the panel (Server Manager) must be on the same PC!

Functions and their description:

Server Management (tab 1):

Start/Stop the server, Quick jump to the server directory, Quick jump to the program directory (Server Manager).
Additional settings from the main settings (connection timers to BattlEye/Master server (for the launcher - pirate / license),
Setting up a reconnect to BattlEye, clearing the logs of the Server Manager program, starting the server with a delay after restart).
Anti - cheat and anti - dupe system, Kick players from the server for the specified time.
Anti - crash server.
Chat and configure the output of announcement messages in the game.
Information output: Online players, folder backup progress, restart progress, BattlNet server activity logs, Sending messages to the server.

Setup (tab 2):

Flexible configuration from specifying paths and running applications (.bat, cmd, exe) of the server before messages with timer output and setting up backups, restarts.

Log (tab 3):

Output of logs read from the server directory.
Whitelist (White Sheet)

(tab 4):

Adding by time as well as without players' time to access the server.

RCON (tab 5):

Output of the list of players (Kick / Ban), Sending messages both to the general channel and in private to the player personally.
Launcher control database

(tab 6):

(requires a launcher from the Server Manager project):
Multifunctional solution against unscrupulous players (Cheats, etc.).
Map (Only DayZ Standalone).
The map works if there is a record of the coordinates of the players in the file.
Auto-update mods (steam).

The screenshots presented in the description above are a little old under the spoiler there is already a more updated version: with the output of the load to the server.

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Как по мне так данная панель самая простая и и удобная по функционалу. Жаль DAP закончил разработку но оставил всем такое вот детище  которое работает и по сей день.

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