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Статические базы для вашего сервера


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Статические базы для вашего сервера

Static databases for your Dayz Server

The mod is fully tested on a clean branch of the local server.

The mod includes two bases.(and an additional gate for them)
The bases are solid models, you do not need to assemble them yourself, just sleep and that's it.

1. A large base with a helicopter pad and a large garage with gates.
2. The base is more similar to the post-apocalypse, it is also equipped with several buildings and a double garage.
(Suitable for both groups and donat homes.)

Demonstration of databases.

(The fences of the base are equipped with a high collision in order to avoid unplanned raids in the form of "landings" and "rollovers")

Spawn Id

Land_PostGates2For all questions, write in private messages.


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