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Ecolog-2 Pack


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Ecolog-2 Pack

Recycled zombie ecologist and not only. When spawning, an ecologist has a balloon with compressed air behind his back, getting into which leads to an explosion. The balloon appears randomly colored, does not affect the parameters of the explosion.

In addition to the usual zombie environmentalists, there is a toxic zombie that also appears with a balloon on his back, but without a suit, has a different coloring. When a shot is fired into his balloon, an explosion occurs and the contamination of the territory is similar to an explosion of ROX.

There is also a feral zombie in the pack - the same ecologist, but without a suit, equipment and a balloon. Identical to the usual infected.

The modification includes:

  • Zombie ecologist (4 skins 3 skins of balloons that explode when shot at them)
  • Toxic zombie (when the balloon explodes, it infects the territory)
  • A feral zombie



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