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Classname-Dumper | Дамп класснеймов с модов


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Classname-Dumper | Дамп класснеймов с модов

A program that allows you to dump cool names from your mod (or someone else's)

What does it do?:
It scans the directories that you entered at startup, looks for config.cpp the file is also looking for cool names in it

How to use it?:
Put the files in any folder and write cmd above (Example: https://imgur.com/gzlYywn )
Then drag it to the console Classname-Dumper.exe "space" drag the folder with what you need to run (if there are many folders, drag and put spaces between them)
Press Enter and wait for the result (usually 2.5 GB of the mod is scanned for about 10 seconds)
The files will appear in the root of the program (dumpresult.txt and log.txt ) these are files with logs and your cherished class names.
> - dumpresult.txt - with cool
names > - log.txt - with a work report (if there is no classname, you can find it there)

Then do what you want with them yourself!

Examples of what she was able to do:

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