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DayZ SA Ultima Quests


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DayZ SA Ultima Quests

Client-server task system.

V. 1.0.0

Client mod.
Server mod.
A folder for the profile, with a subfolder for the player database.


Creating combined tasks based on




Configuration file format:


C (inside the configuration file)

JSON Configuration Parameters:

Task ID (must be unique for each task).

The name of the task.

The name of the file with the description of the task. (html DayZ)

A one-time task, or not. (You can take it again, or not)

Time to complete the task in seconds.

Task rollback time in seconds.

A list of NPC positions that give this task.

A list of class names, indicating the number required for shooting.

A list of class names, indicating the quantity required for delivery.

A list of positions, indicating the radii for exploration.

A list of class names, indicating the number of outstanding ones as a reward.

Parameters of the server configuration of the JSON NPC:



The direction of view.


Objects in the hands.

Additional configuration specified in the settings file "C":

The maximum number of active tasks available to the player.

The ability to set the default key that opens the task log.


Tasks that do NOT contain delivery stop the execution timer when the conditions for the delivery of the task are reached.

The tasks in which the delivery appears continue to count down the execution timer until their immediate delivery.

* I explain - if the player had a task in which only shooting appeared, then when shooting enough, the timer will stop, and the player will be able to pass the task at any time.

If delivery appears in the task, then even if the player has found all the necessary items for delivery, the timer will not stop (because the player can actually lay out these items at any time).

that is, the delivery must be completed within the time allocated for the task, and other tasks can be completed at any time - the main thing is to meet the time when they are performed directly.

Acceptance and delivery of tasks is available only at the NPCs that issue them.

When selecting from the list of tasks with exploration, positions are marked on the map.

*At the moment, positioning the map in a "small" window is not possible, due to dice bugs. There is a request on the bug tracker. So - the player will have to scroll the map to find the necessary position on it.



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Прописываю нового НПС, все правильно, ид новый у задания, а НПС не появляется.

UPD Кажется нашел ошибку, валидатором проверил.

Edited by Flusha
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@nastenapotapova.np Не могу понять что не так делаю вроде все работало на старом сервере а тут нпс стоит но взять задние не могу, только пульс померять 

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