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Stash Search / Поиск тайника


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Stash Search / Поиск тайника

Product Description:

Stash Search - caches hidden in the game environment.
This mod will introduce variety into the gameplay.


  • 20 types - 3 ranges of caches, 3 types - a range of gifts, 13 typed caches.
  • Cache objects in the form of vanilla objects of the game world.
  • The cache is searched by the "Search cache"
  • action A configurable chance of a cache appearing for each of the types/types (the illusion of changing the position of the caches once per server session is created).
  • Configurable chance of loot appearance for each of the shooting ranges/types.
  • Configurable loot with any attachments for each of the shooting ranges, gifts and types.
  • Configurable amount of loot loss.
  • Configurable quantity in the lot, for example, if the loot is cartridges, water, food, etc.
  • Configurable time of loss of a thing for a search.
  • Random quality of the loot dropped the possibility of configuration of the untouched state.
  • The cache is searched only once per server session.
  • Translation into all languages.
  • Debugging and logging mode.

Cache classes:

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Classes of nishtyaks:

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Classes of typed caches:

Stash_Typed_Cardboard_Box - cardboard box.
Stash_Typed_Tombstone - gravestone.
Stash_Typed_GarbageBin is a small trash can.
Stash_Typed_Fridge - refrigerator.
Stash_Typed_Garbage Container - garbage container.
Stash_Typed_Kitchen Stove - electric stove.
Stash_Typed_Large Wooden Crate - a large wooden crate.
Stash_Typed_Sea Chest - chest.
Stash_Typed_Wooden Crate - wooden crate.
Stash_Typed_Cashier - cash register.
Stash_Typed_Locker Blue - blue closed locker.
Stash_Typed_Closet - a large wardrobe.
Stash_Typed_BedRoomCase - bathroom cabinet.

Integration Tips:

  • Arrange the caches only in debug mode: debug="true" in order to avoid them being overfilled.
  • It is convenient to arrange caches through administrative panels like VPPAdminTools.
  • Without debugging mode, you can arrange it after 3 minutes of a game session in another set (Builder Objects VPPAdminTools).
  • Caches are static objects (look in the Builder Objects section).
  • If you don't see classes in the list of objects, filter by the Scope value.

Technical features:

The mod is divided into client - server and server parts.
The mod requires an additional. mod - Community Framework (CF).

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@Grim есть фикс от вылета. Залью или поделюсь в ЛС. Но ты мне объяснишь как расставить сундуки. В объект билдер класснеймов не нашел. Только гифки в итем Спаун.

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@Grim скинул в дискорде. Эти с фиксом от вылета. Напиши как протестишь. У меня не видны класнеймы тайников в админке Через билдинг

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