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Convoy Mod / Конвой мод


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Convoy Mod / Конвой мод

Description of the mod

The mod adds an interesting "convoy" mission to your server.
The mission will spawn broken military equipment at different points on the map, a crowd of infected people will spawn next to this equipment.
This mission can be found by the coordinates (name of the location) that will be given to you on the game overlay, with a characteristic sound about the beginning of the mission.
Also, when approaching the mission itself, it can be detected by the characteristic smoke near the broken equipment.

The mission is configured using a json file in which you can create an unlimited number of tasks, with various bonuses for completing the mission itself.
Setting up after what time the first "convoy" will appear, the number of missions per restart, the number of players that must be on the server to start the task.
The general name of the mission, the names of locations.
For each task, it is possible to edit the number of zombies.
Bonus system for killing "enhanced" infected (optional, it is possible not to issue a bonus).
In the mod, you can edit the number of vanilla (light zombies) and reinforced ones that are more resistant to firearm damage.
The spawn points of the mission can also be edited and completely new ones can be added (the basic ones are already installed for example).
After completing the mission, a message is displayed on the general overlay that the mission is completed (if the convoy was destroyed by the players).
All boxes will also be destroyed after the task is completed.
The task of the players is to detect the convoy, destroy the infected, and cover up the ammunition boxes.



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