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Saving Loot / Сохранение лута после смерти


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Saving Loot / Сохранение лута после смерти

A script for saving all the player's belongings after death.

The script saves all loot after the player's death.
After saving, all items disappear from the player.

Fashion demonstration

Parameters stored for items:

  • Health
  • Position in the inventory
  • Condition
  • Type of liquid
  • Quantity of liquid
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Number of cartridges [if it is a magazine]
  • Number of items
  • The cargo contents of this item
  • Attachments

Configured in Config.json

Saving inventory for each player.
Saving inventory from players whose Steam IDs will be entered in Config.json.


The script was tested on a clean version of the game 1.21.156300

At the time of publication and is valid to this day and hour.

The mod is not compatible with Syberia Project mods

Compatible Mods:

DayZ-Expansion, DayZ-Expansion-AI, Tombstone Vanilla.



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Возможно ли сделать частичную утерю дута, например часть патронов или других расходников?

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Это бесплатный скрипт? Если нет, сколько он стоит? Возможно ли прописать невыпадение только определённых предметов?

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