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Система обратной связи (Feedback from CRXBot)


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Система обратной связи (Feedback from CRXBot)


Feedback CRXBot

This bot was created to help with feedback organizations on Discord servers

Getting started
To get started with the bot you need to open the file DiscordSetting.json in the Settings folder and fill in the token, guild_id, prefix and command fields. Then save your changes and run CRXBot.exe.

How to use
The command for calling the main menu "Feedback" - !"feedback" (you can change it if you want)

The bot has several functions that you can use:

  • Suggestions from users
  • Votes from users
  • Feedback from users
  • Bug report
  • Complaints against users

Each feature has its own set of text and buttons, which you can customize in the corresponding files in the Settings folder.

Settings files

DiscordSetting.json - contains basic bot settings such as token, server ID and command prefix.
ChannelSettings.json - contains the IDs of the channels the bot will send messages to.
Feedback.json - contains the text and names of the main menu buttons (Feedback).
Globals.json - contains common texts used in all functions.
Offers.json - contains text and buttons settings of the Offers functions.
ReportBugs.json - contains settings of the text and buttons of the REPORT-BAG functions.
ReportPlayer.json - contains settings of the text and buttons of the REPORTS functions.
Reviews.json - contains settings of the text of the REVIEW functions.
Voting.json - contains the VOTING function text settings


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