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Коллекционные карточки / Collectible cards


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Коллекционные карточки / Collectible cards


These sets of cards will add to your RP atmosphere and interest to collect them ALL.😎

CURRENTLY in fashion: 108 cards.


📂The inside of the mod:

- configs - 3d map model
- classname

- different textures for her


✏️Description of collections:

1. The "Last Century" set.

2. Set of "Beauties".

3. Set "Japan".

4. Set "CB".
5. Gold cards and Joker.

6. Set "Stalker"
7. Set "Mafia"

8. Set "Never"


1. I will add a box in order to store the cards.

2. I will add many sets of cards with different themes (For example: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Cars, weapons, etc.)

3. GOLD cards are also planned.


💹NEXT YEAR: I will release a mod for checkers and playing cards.



Do you want the rights to RETEXTURE? Discord - https://discord.gg/XTJCfVmfHn

The mod is compatible, tested and tested on clean versions of the game.

Packed and ready for direct use.



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