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Stringtable Dayz Editor

🌟 Stringtable Dayz Editor - the best solution for mod translations! 🎉

Do you create your own mods? Want them to be accurately translated into all available languages in the game? Don't waste time - Stringtable Dayz Editor is here to help you turn your mods into true masterpieces!

With our program, you can make your life easier - it provides the perfect solution for creating, editing, and merging stringtable.csv translation files. Moreover, Stringtable Dayz Editor is capable of translating from any language to all available languages in the game, using popular services such as Yandex, Google, Azure, and Bing, and also automatically extracting localization links from config.cpp. We have literally reduced your efforts to a minimum!

Convenient and intuitive navigation through the stringtable.csv table will allow you to quickly find the necessary phrases and their keys. Forget about endless searches and inaccurate translations - our program will do it all for you!

But that's not all! Stringtable Dayz Editor allows you to merge multiple stringtable tables into one. You can optimize and structure your translations to make them very user-friendly.

And the best part - our program is localized in two languages! You can enjoy its functionality in Russian or English, choosing the option that suits you.

Don't miss your chance! Enhance your mods with Stringtable Dayz Editor today and support the developer so that we can continue to amaze you with new possibilities! 👏🎮💡




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Если ты разработчик, выражаю максимальную благодарность!
Одна из самых полезных программ для разработки своих модов, респект.

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